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CHG Software & Development


ADCIRC (Advanced Circulation Model)
is a parallel simulator for modeling circulation in coastal environments. It can be used for many coastal engineering applications, including hurricane storm surge modeling. See www.adcirc.org for more details and to obtain a copy of the code.
DGSWEM (Discontinuous Galerkin Shallow Water Model
is a next-generation shallow water model which uses the discontinuous Galerkin method. This code is under development. Please contact Clint Dawson for more information.
UTBEST3D (University of Texas 3D Bay and Estuary Simulator)
is a three-dimensional barotropic/baroclinic hydrodynamic code developed at the University of Texas at Austin by Vadym Aizinger and Clint Dawson. It solves the three-dimensional shallow water equations assuming hydrostatic pressure. It is parallel and written in C++. For more information contact Clint Dawson.
DG-RAIN (Discontinuous Galerkin Rainfall Runoff and Coastal Watershed Model)
This code models rainfall runoff, channel flow, and interaction of channels with the coastal ocean. It is available at the Github repository https://github.com/clintdawson/DG-RAIN. Please contact Clint Dawson for more information.